Understanding The Importance of Business Planning

Deciding to start a business is a very big and important step that can have long lasting benefits.  

BizNest Funding offers vertically integrated creative, and financial business oriented solutions that prepares men and women to assume markers in society as business owners that incorporate: responsibility,strategy, and leadership in commerce; that brings innovation to any given industry.

About Us


BizNest Funding

BizNest Funding, is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, our premier firm of higher standards devoted to enhancing lives in an Entrepreneurial space. 

BizNest Funding is nationally recognized in its expertise of specializations, which are Business Development, Capital gain, and stream-lining the best corporate development business practices and platform in the country. 


Mission Statement

BizNest Funding assumes the role of providing the apparatuses needed to succeed as an Entrepreneur in today’s society. BizNest Funding consultants assume positions of leadership to advance creative works that brings innovation, depth, and diversity to visions. BizNest Funding mantra — “Let us nature your Nest egg” speaks volumes to the organizations core values and goals. This mission is informed by both our: values, strategic service mix, and products that seek to encourage ethical financial practices and inspire Entrepreneurs to create, build, and communicate with clarity, integrity, and conviction.


BizNest Vision

Our vision is to inspire Entrepreneurs to build, create, and enhance their personal and professional lives through BizNest funding.